Monday, October 7, 2013

"I’m sorry, but you didn’t pass" – Saudi Recruitment Office (SRO) encounter Part 1

The Text Message
While browsing the web thru my symbian phone (haha) last Friday, September 28, an anonymous number appeared on my phone’s broken screen. The POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Association) texted me to report on August 07, Monday at the SRO’s (Saudi Recruitment Office) located at BDO Plaza, Paseo de Roxas, Makati City at around 8:00am. The agenda would be an exam followed by an interview for the manning of King Saud Medical City, Riyadh. The instruction includes going to POEA’s office at Ortigas, proceed to GBP (I will figure out the meaning of this soon) section and get your folder (this are the requirements you’ve passed) and the POEA registration card. Otherwise you can provide a duplicate copy of your corresponding file.

This event was very sudden because I just recently went to POEA’s office and comply with the said requirements by providing duplicate copy of the needed documents and you must not forget to register at (POEA’s manning site). After that, they will give you an orange card which includes your details such as complete name, position desired and registration number. (I suggest that at home, visit and register ahead on this site so that when you have time to visit POEA, you will not be needing to go to their registration office at counter 27, they will just search your registration and pronto! They will give you your registration number).

In the Beginning
So going back, I prepared early by waking up at around 4:00am, so that I can travel on or before 5am to avoid traffic jam, overcrowding and standing sessions in the bus. I reach the SRO at around 7:45am and I was so tired. Imagine walking from Paseo de Roxas (Ninoy Aquino Statue was the landmark) up to BDO Plaza. Funny though, I unintentionally exchange BDO Plaza to BDO – Equitable Bldg haha! So while I was reaching my destination, I was shocked because of the number of applicants falling in line, reaching the next building beside BDO Plaza. I was hungry and dehydrated because I didn’t eat my breakfast. So you guys, next time eat a lot okies??

If I will estimate the number of applicants, it would be around 200 or more because I know that there are applicants who were early bird and try to go at the venue on time. Unfortunately, my guess was right. As I reach the entrance of the building, the guards just announced that they will only accepting 100 applicants and that means I am not included, time check: 830am. WTF? Why did they cut the number of applicants for this day? They supposed to text us the complete info because I know there are a lot of applicants who were coming from near provinces. On this scenario, I am at the third line facing the guard. Suddenly they announced that the next 50 applicants will be in. Before we get inside, the guards checked for the text message that we received and our names on their list. Whoo! Praise God.

One step inside
As I reached the 18th floor, the guards were very strict. They instruct us to turn off our phones and frisk our bags obediently. As we enter the SRO door, we are welcome by a bunch of applicants falling in line. A guy in a light blue uniform was instructing us to compress the line. Compressed. and compressed! As we reached the Window 5, the guy with red nose asked us to present our Orange Card and checked the list afterwards. After checking, we proceed to Window 4 and this time they will get your folder (which contains duplicate copy of your requirements), they will copy the details in your orange card and write it down in your folder together with your applicants’ number. By this time, they wrote #85 on my folder but my applicants number was #211. And that’s the only time we seated. Time check: 9:30am

Headaches are present, cold clammy hands were felt and stomachs growling to death are clearly seen on the surroundings of SRO. Time check: 11:00am. I didn't bring any reviewer with me but I brought my inspirational book. I am trying to avoid feelings of sleepiness by reading this book but unfortunately it didn't work. As time goes by, all feelings were intense and by this time the delegates (they were Arabs) gave us the Answer Sheet. There were 20 items per set of questionnaire. Whoo! Nervousness were flowing within! We were group by area of specialization (I join the ICU/CCU group, INTENSE!). Sa pagkakaintndi ko, our exam are categorized by area. So I am sure, mahirap yung exam sa group na pinili ko. We are going to answer the following questions for about 25 minutes. Time check: 11:45am

The Exam
So makakapag-isip ka ba sa malamig na kwarto habang kumakalam ang sikmura? haha! As I had received the questionnaire, I was stunned for a few seconds. Why? Hindi ko alam kung paano ako magsstart. I am not bookish nor bright kaya naman I find difficulty answering questions, kahit anong questions so to avoid having lowest grade, I tried to study first. But, I didn’t study because I don’t know what to study! The exam was in general knowledge in nursing, some of them were computations and critical situations. Luckily nakakuha ako ng copy ng exam! haha, I’ll post it na lang on a separate entry okies? And because the exam was timed, I find myself speed reading the following number and answered it as fast as I can and this was bad because you will not be able to fully understand each questions. Pronto
! We submit our exams! Time check: 12:30pm

Heart dropping moment
At around 1:10pm, imagine hindi pa kami kumakain nito ha, the delegates finished checking our test and guess what, they will announced the names of applicants who did not make it to the next round. OMG! Nakakalaglag ng puso! So pano na yan? Nakakadyahe naman tumayo. At this part, my heart is beating really fast and I just can’t breathe. What I was doing was talking to myself that, If incase I belong to the lucky bye-bye group, this journey isn’t mine. That God has bigger plans in me. That this event was belongs to 1 out of 100 opportunities that I can encounter. So, the lady in green (a Filipina named Ms. Gina) announced the names and that includes mine. Well, last but not the least. I feel devastated but I’m not disappointed. So the only thing that crosses on my mind that time was, “how can I leave this room without the others looking at me and figuring out that I am one of those applicants who didn’t made it”. haha

Unexpected twist and turns
While thinking of ways to escape the shame on my face, the lady in green announces, “anong area ba ang magaling mag-inject?”. At that moment, I looked at my co-applicants, they we’re not responding on the green lady’s question. For me, I think OPD nurses are superb when it comes to injecting. So when the lady in green ask again, I raised my hand and says that “Ako na lang mam”. In this way, I told myself makaka-escape ako ng walang nakakaalam. haha. Nice one! After we go inside the room (in this room hindi pa allowed yung mga hindi pa nasscreen na applicant) I asked If who’s the person I’m going to inject, then she says “Si sir, yung head naming”. Shocks! So it means yung Consulate ang iinjekan ko ng Flu vaccine. To make this long story short, one consulate from SRO office and two consulate from Saudi Embassy had received Flu vaccine by yours truly.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

He's Into Her Season 3


He's into Her Season 3 Trailer by maxinejiji

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quick Intro.. 1-2-GO!

If there is one things I regret doing in my entire life, I would say writing in this blog. I mean making this blog is a dream-come-true, finally. It takes time and courage to finally, starting this. And I regret it a lot because if I start writing before, I would not find it difficult to recall clearly the highlights and breath taking moment in my life. So, happy reading fella's. This was only the start of walking using this little steps of the border-less world of my feet.

Happy Feet Fellas'.

Ready. Set. Step.